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Restoration and Refurbishment of Staircase 9

The restoration and refurbishment of this Grade II* listed building completed in the spring of 2012 and was carried out by the Main contractor Feltham Construction. The work included providing ensuite accommodation to all of the existing double set study/bedrooms, providing additional study bedrooms in the basement and re-slating the roof as well as upgrading of the services and repair of the existing windows and finishes.

Prior to the refurbishment, all of the study bedrooms in Staircase 9 shared communal washing
facilities in the basement, the basement also a housed a storage area, a small laundry, scouts pantry and plant room. In order to create two additional study bedrooms, lightwells were formed to the front of the building with new sash windows inserted into the external walls of the basement providing daylight and ventilation to the new single set study bedrooms facing onto the back quad.

Each of the existing double set study bedrooms were refurbished to provide ensuite accommodation; this was achieved by reducing the size of the bedrooms and utilising the space behind the stair, which was previously used for storage. The original layout has been maintained with a large shared study area looking out to the back quad, and two smaller bedrooms.

It was interesting to discover during the opening up of the building that there had originally been door
openings in each of the newly proposed ensuite openings - this had not been recorded on any of the earlier plans.

The roof has undergone extensive repair including the replacement of all dormer windows facing the back quad and the replacement of rotten cills and lead cheeks to the dormers facing onto Parks Road.

The existing Stonesfield slates were stripped on both sides of the roof and sorted to retain the best of the slates for re-use on the slope facing onto Parks Road. The slope facing onto the back quad was re-slated using new slates to match those recently used on the Old Chapel, Old Library and South Range.

The windows have been fully restored and fitted with secondary glazing. Fire palaces have been opened up, some with new timber surrounds to match existing where the original surround had been stripped out in the past. Original features dating back to the buildings inception in 1693, such as panelled doors, cornicing, picture rails, skirting and panelling have all been retained in order to preserve the historical character of the building, whilst upgrading College facilities to meet the demands of the 21st Century .

Montgomery Architects were delighted to receive a Letter of Commendation from the Oxford Preservation Trust in 2013.

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