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Internal refurbishment and alterations to ground, first, second and third floor rooms of staircases 4, 5, 6 and 7 and alterations to the Porters Lodge.

The brief, as set out by the College, was to refurbish the existing rooms in staircases 4, 5, 6 and 7 in the South and West ranges of the front quad to provide en-suite accommodation and teaching rooms, alter and refurbish the porters lodge and carry out stone restoration and re-roofing works.  

We worked closely with the Conservation department at Oxford City Council in order to maintain the unique character of the building while upgrading the facilities sufficiently to meet the demands of 21st Century. In particular, the refurbishment works were carried out with disabled access in mind, including the provision of ramped access to staircases 4 and 6, the porters' lodge and lift access to the first floor seminar room as well as a specially  designed ground floor study bedroom with ensuite facilities for a wheelchair disabled student. 

The layout of the Porters Lodge although recently altered and renovated in 1991 was not ideal for security, public/private and disabled access.  The works carried out included the provision of a new automatic glazed sliding door wide enough for wheelchair access, with a shallow ramp through the thickness of the wall in place of the north window.

The lodge was fully refurbished to improve the storage areas, general layout and an increase in the number of pigeon holes. It also provides a new Head Porters office linked to the lodge and an improved kitchen and wc area.

Additional teaching space was provided by the division of the existing MCR with a movable acoustic screen and the conversion of the stained paneled room from an undergraduate study/bedroom set, restoring the character of the room.

The project received a letter of commendation by the RIBA in 2010.

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